Tuesday, 2 August 2011

home sa-weet home

I moved home a month ago now... I am now a proud homeowner...these are a few of my favourite things. In extreme close up. Mainly because from far away everything is still in a bit of a crazy mess and incomplete. Our vision is definitely not realised yet so for now I'll keep the long shots under wraps - it ain't pretty!


  1. cool photos! that union jack dresser is sweet. but that poor dog on the car!!


  2. Haha thanks! Just to clarify my best mate bought me a 'enjoy your new home' card and that poor dog was on the front!! I think he looks pretty happy - like a vagabond dog- I think he's enjoying the wind in his ears haha. Ahh I looovvvve our dresser- I'll put up a proper picture soon- it's immense even if I do say so myself! Xx

  3. great photography!